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VEGAS Movie Studio 15

39,99 €

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VEGAS Movie Studio 15 is the slimmed-down version of Vegas Pro with a significantly better price-performance ratio. The program is mainly aimed at beginners to advanced users, who will quickly find their way around because of the revised user interface and the “quick start”.

A highlight of this video editing software is the integrated Music Maker, with which even beginners can raise the sound of their videos to a new level.

Personally, I would recommend the Platinum version, since the normal Movie Studio unfortunately does not contain any functions for color grading. However, it is sufficient in any case for the entry into video editing.

Vegas Movie Studio 15 Review

The new Movie Studio made by MAGIX is published. As usual, it is available on the market in three different versions. What are benefits of the software? Who is it intended for? What’s new compared to the old version? You’ll find out answeres in this review.

General information about the video editing software

Vegas Movie Studio is a video editing software for beginners who want to start with video editing. The program is a slimmed-down version of Vegas Pro but it contains enough functions for getting started and is also affordable.

As always, the program is available in three different versions: the normal version, the Platinum version and the Suite version. In the basic configuration the program costs 40€, the suite costs three times as much.

Differences between the programs


The Movie Studio is nothing more than a slimmed-down version of the famous professional program Vegas Pro. This can also be seen clearly on the surface, which seems very equal with the more expensive Vegas Pro version.
However, the design of the interface was only slightly changed compared to the previous version.
On the one hand there is, as usual, the clearly arranged timeline in the lower half, which is the basic element for video editing. At the top right is the preview monitor and at the left the window where you can drag media, effects, titles or transitions into the Timeline.
Users of the Platinum or Suite version can now select the background color of the interface themselves.
Here you can see a comparison between the current Movie Studio 15 and the previous version:
Movie Studio 15Movie Studio 14

At first glance, there is actually no significant difference at all. Only the files in the timeline got a new design (the same as with Vegas Pro).

Here’s the difference between Movie Studio 15 and the current Pro version:

Movie Studio 15Vegas Pro 15

As you can see, all products of the Vegas family look almost the same. This can be a big advantage if you want to switch from the beginner program to the professional video editing software.

The usability of the interface is really good. Even if the design is not quite as simple as with the Movavi Video Editor, you will quickly find your way around as a beginner.

In addition, Vegas offers users a quick start service. This includes a tutorial in which the most important functions are explained or you simply let the guide explain the program to you. If you take some time for the quick start videos you can easily learn how to work with the video editing program.

What do the three programs offer?

The basic structure and operation of the three video editing programs are the same for everyone. Each offers many video effects and transitions that are standard nowadays.

What distinguishes Movie Studio from programs from other manufacturers is for example the Music Maker, which is included in all three programs. The sound of your video is one of the most important components of a professional video. If you change the music, add voices or instruments, you will definitely make your video unique.

Another cool feature is the slideshow wizard. Simply select photos and transitions and the program will create a slideshow for you. It’s a great function if you want a video quickly. But even real editing is of course much more fun.

In which way are the more expensive programs better?

For 40€ you get a good video editing software including all important functions to start video editing with. However, the two more expensive programs offer a few more things, which I will go into now.

Platinum & Suite

Starting with the Platinum version, various templates are included with which you can create menus and chapters for DVDs and Blu-rays. If you want to give a DVD as a present, a nice menu is always important.

In my opinion, the most important function the normal version doesn’t have is the Color Corrector. It allows you to optimize the colors of your video. With the right colors and saturations, a video looks much more vivid and real.

In addition, there are additional packages with video effects and filters for even more possibilities.

A nice feature which unfortunately only includes the suite version is the filtering of noise. Without wind noise or street noise, a video seems much more professional.

Multicam editing with up to four cameras, which is included from the platinum version onwards, also improves the editing workflow.

Which version is the best/should I choose?

For those who have never edited videos before and don’t need such a large range of functions, the standard version is certainly sufficient. However, the surface is not the easiest. If you only want to edit very simple videos and if you are looking for an easy-to-use interface, the Movavi Video Editor is probably better suited for you.

Nevertheless, the video editing software is ideal for beginners or advanced users who are looking for a simpler and cheaper alternative to Vegas Pro.

Personally, I would recommend the Platinum version in order to have the colour grading functions and also the possibility to create DVDs.

For which person is the software made?

The manufacturer states that it is a video editing program for beginners. Even though the interface has been designed very well and there are numerous tutorials, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the program to someone who has never edited videos before and needs the program for a unique project.
But if you are motivated enough as a beginner to learn the way of using this program, the Movie Studio is definitely suitable for you. Moreover, it takes quite a long time until the program reaches its limits, so that even an advanced video editor can still get a lot out of his videos with this program.


The Movie Studio is a great video editing software for beginners and advanced users with a good price-performance ratio. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the program, you’ll get along well with it and you can easily switch to Vegas Pro later on if you need more professional functions. I would recommend the Platinum version, because the normal Movie Studio doesn’t offer any color editing. You also need one of the more expensive versions for creating DVDs and Blu-rays. All in all the Movie Studio a good video editing program for beginners and advanced users.


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39,99 €

inkl. 19% gesetzlicher MwSt.

39,99 €

inkl. 19% gesetzlicher MwSt.